Hi, and welcome to my online Portfolio !

If you managed to find your way here, it’s probably because you saw my name in a development group or at the end of a video, so I hope you enjoyed whatever it was.
I have been creating music and sound design for many years and it all started with a passion. A passion for sound and how it can increases an image's
power, how it can make us more sensitive and can easily unleash our emotions.

I have worked on many projects, from short animation movies to video games, and with each project I’ve worked on , I have developed my skills and my abilities to create truly unique pieces to fit any moment.
While I never did any studies in Music, I have a physics degree and I have learned way more with my projects and my years of practice than anything a school could have taught me.
Everything that I create is made from scratch; there’s no use of a soundbank.

I also have everything needed to record every sounds and instruments that I need for a piece, and I know how to use many game engine ( Cryengine, UE4, Unity, fmod, wwise, Source ...)
Please don't hesitate to contact me, you won’t regret it !



BLOG ENTRY - 29/07/11: How to make a sound from scratch.
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BLOG ENTRY - Soon...
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BLOG ENTRY - Soon...