DNIEPR   |  VIDEO GAME  -  2013
Task: In charge of the Music and the Sound Design.

Project: Dniepr is a modification of the original game Left 4 dead 2; It has taken 3 years to finish and had a bit less than 1 Million download.

Official Adress: http://www.elseware-experience.com/dniepr/
  MAKE EM PAY   |  PARTY GAME  -  2018
Task: Everything.

Project: Make Em Pay is a prototype party game fully created by me. From the 3D to the gameplay, I wanted here to succeed in making a game from the concept to a good state of graphism / playability. The game was featured at the top of the multiplayer game list on itch.io during multiple weeks.
SoundCloud Playlist

Official Adress: itch.io webpage

Platform: PC - Linux - Mac
  ARCHITECTURE   |  Tour and Videos  -  2014
Task: Adding music to short architectural tours.

Official Adress:Benoit's folio
Task: In charge of the Music and the Sound Design

Project: Logistique was my first game project; It's a modification of the original game "Half life 2". A first episode was released in 2008.

Official Adress: http://www.elseware-experience.com/logistique/