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When Elise and her fiancé decided to leave the city life and settle near the French coast, Elise couldn't have imagined that she would end up stuck in a time loop, alone.
As strange phenomena occur in a dim post-cold war climate, Elise will have to unravel the mysteries surrounding Saint Exil and put all the pieces back together.

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Background image of the main character, Elise, looking at a far-away lighthouse
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  • ■ Find the camera system that accompanied the legendary sagas such as silent-hill or resident-evil, in a modernized version for more flexibility.
  • ■ Face enemies stuck in time, thanks to a unique combat system.
  • ■ Discover the Saint-Exil region through a deep environmental narrative and easy to listen audio cassettes.
  • ■ Solve the puzzles and finally understand what caused the time to loop.
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Panoramic view near the lighthouse
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Elseware Experience is a development studio that began its history around the creation of mods on the Source Engine from Valve Software. After the release of two of them which have received public appreciation (multiple thousands of download from all platforms); the studio is moving towards the creation of projects on a larger scale. Thanks to the mixture of its technical know-how and its knowledge of game engines, the team knows an international success in terms of architectural visualization in real time and then focuses initially on the realization of a large number of these. The studio then embarks on the creation of serious games in virtual reality for educational purposes with the objective of educating citizens about ecological problematic (the preservation of bees or the issues around pollution). These works were the fruit of a collaboration with the European Union and are showcased in many museums around the world.

Image of the pc game package Broken Pieces

span of these experiences it is now time for the team to devote themselves to the creation of their first title as an independent developer: Broken Pieces . Settling in the heart of the Emerald Coast in France we are always looking for new collaborators to help us complete our project and create a lasting relationship for our future creations. The team is also actively looking for a publisher who can accompany it for the release of the game. Feel free to contact us !

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